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Today Art Foundry “Jeremic brothers” has developed two directions of production:

The first one refers to preservation of the traditional art casting of the sculptor's original ideas which also includes sketches of sculptures, half waist sculpture portraits, relief's, bas relief's and awards as well as unique pieces for interior. Thus in this period we have produced the following artworks:

  • NIKE, marine on the Danube, Apatin is the work of the sculptor Dragan Radenovic and it is 6.5 metres high
  • MONUMENT TO NEDIC BROTHERS, Osecina near Valjevo is the work of the sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic and it is 4.5 meters high
  • MONUMENT TO MOTHER TERESA in Vatican is the work of the sculptor Tome Serafimovski and it is 4 meters high

The second direction of our production is mechanical casting of park furniture as well as providing parts for buses, trams, trolley buses..

We try to provide complete service for our clients and according to this we have been also using lost-wax technology for the past four years. Within the foundry there is also a sculpture studio which contributes to better understanding between the craftsman and the artist. We consider that there are no demands of our clients that cannot be fulfilled and every demanding order presents a challenge for us.

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