Miodrag MiCa JeremiC

Having mastered the craft and served the army Mica Jeremic has opened his own foundry in 1927 and named it Art Foundry “Vozdovac”. His friend Vasa Vujanic spent his lifetime working there.

With its high quality work and moderate prices the foundry managed to win the open competition in 1935 with the sculptural composition “Igrali se konji vrani” ( Black horses are playing) by the sculptor Toma Rosandic. The entrance of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia is still decorated with this monumental sculptoral group.

livnica Vozdovac

The period between two wars was very lucrative because many famous artists chose the foundry “Vozdovac” to cast their artworks so the same foundry produced “Pobednik” (The statue of the Victor) by Ivan Mestrovic, ”Covek sa lavom” (Man and lion) by Simeon Roksandic and many other monuments as well as smaller sculptures,reliefs and smaller forms in general.

karijatide avala igrali se konji vrani

Unfortunately some of the artworks were not saved and among them is the equestrian statue of king Alexander I Karadjordjevic from 1939 which disappeared during the war in Ljubljana and was presumably melted.



During the time of occupation foundry didn't work but after the war it began to produce monuments to fallen heroes and that is why we can proudly say that in bigger cities of the former Yugoslav Republic one cannot find a single monument that wasn't cast in the foundry “Vozdovac”

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