Slobodan i Pavle JeremiC

Grandfather Mica's sons Slobodan and Pavle built a new foundry in 1987 and named it Art Foundry “Jeremic brothers”.

arcibald rajs

Compared to their father's modest foundry which had only 180m2 the new foundry with 1000m2 provided more comfort and new possibilities. Greater capacity and maintaining high quality contributed to important ventures which can be seen not only in our country but also in Vatican, Nuremberg, Lusaka, Zagreb, Skopje, Ohrid.

It is almost impossible to name all the artworks that were produced in our foundry. Approximate number is about 150 historic monuments, 10,000 busts and half-figures, 30,000 bas-reliefs and about 1,000,000 plaques and awards.

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