Jovan SoldatoviC (1920. -2005.)


One of the most important Yugoslav sculptors who dedicated his whole creative range, consisting of over a hundred sculptures and memorial monuments all placed in the outside world, to fighting for peace and making life on this planet more humane.
Soldatović was already in the late fifties one of the pinoneers in transforming Petrovaradin fortress from old military fortification into the centre of culture and arts, which has truly become that thanks to various artists who have been creating there in the last few decades.

Always committed to his ideas. A man who always reacted to social events in the world, in the year of human rights 1968. under the patronage of United Nations and of that time Secretary General U Tant, supporting the UN Declaration and fighting for rights for all peoples and individuals, Soldatović condemned the crime of the nuclear cataclysm in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by organizing a major exhibition at Petrovaradin fortress dominated by the sculpture entitled Figure with a Dead Child, 10 metres high.






In the year of 1972. he overfilled the Petrovaradin fortress with sculptures representing human skulls in the art action "If the war breaks out, people will vanish", action meant to warn and remind.

All efforts of this extremely productive and socially aware artist to transform historical periods full of darkness to those filled with humanity, are nowadays torn down by horrifying destruction of superior war technology. In his reaction to the tragedy, Soldatovic has set up his sculptures on ruins of old Petrovaradin bridge, appealing to human sense and consciousness to stop the war immediately.

Even he is unable to access his art studio situated on the other bank of Danube river, Soldatovic wishes to communicate with this act of art that the spirit and aspiration to humanity can bridge all rivers dividing us and that human society can subsist only in peace